Wyrm Rhyme Saga

Stories In the Dark

Land of the linnorm kings
When the long nights of winter set in, the people of Reykholt pass the time drinking the distinctive local mead and swapping stories. Many of these stories are the Ulfen sagas of your ancestors, tales of valor and glory. Other peoples lived here before you. Nomads from the Crown of the World and mystic elves who come to trade have shared their stories.

Their stories tell of fey creatures coming through to torment the humans and the ghosts of giant warriors who fell during the days of Ancient Thassilon and haunt the bogs. On the coldest of nights, they tell the story of [[Mauthalia the Onyx Reaver], a dragon of terrible power who ruled over these lands long ago.

But, Spring is coming, nearing the time to put superstition behind. Soon the ice will break, and the long ships will sail. There is iron work, trades to make. Much needs to be done before the long darkness settles in again.

Character Tips

Welcome to Reykholt, perhaps the northernmost outpost of the Ulfen. This Campaign focuses on this small village as it establishes itself in this inhospitable land. Survival is hard enough, but to thrive it will take a special group of characters. Here are some tips to consider:

Fey, Giants and Undead
The wild north is ruled by diminutive Fey and massive Joten. Giants need lots of resources to survive in this harsh world, and they are able to take what they need. The biting winds have, perhaps, made the Fey crueler than their Southern companions. Finally, many die here in the North, with unfulfilled oaths or other ties that bind them to this world. The long nights of winter are ideal for undead; your party should be prepared for dealing with these threats.
The Boreal Wilds
There is more to the lands of the Linorm Kings than fjords and jagged peaks. High alpine meadows, towering connifer forests, frozen tundra, acrid bogs and great ice sheets on the Crown of the World ensure you will encounter a wide variety of landscapes.
The Linorm is Dead, Long Live the King
There is only one way to become king in this land. Slay a linnorm in single combat. Somebody who could credibly attempt that and become a king (or queen) might make for an interesting twist in the campaign.
Powerful Weapons
Reykholt was founded by Ulfen from the kingdom of Broken Bay because of the iron that is readily available. The ability to forge weapons that exploit the weaknesses of foes like the fey, and enchant them against even more powerful foes like a linnorm or a dragon could be very useful.
Old Magics
Magic is as raw here as the wind. Creatures from the First World can easily cross into Golarion here. Additionally, on dark nights the sky fills with colors. The aurora shows just how close the Dark Tapestry between the stars is to the Northern tundra. Wizards of ancient Azlant and Thassilon understood the power of this land, and their ruins dot the landscape. Access to these unique magics could help the party in their rise to honor.

Character Basics

More details can be found in Character Creation Rules; however, here is a summary.

  • Ability Scores 20 points, High Fantasy
  • Advancement Slow, but I expect to be awarding a lot of character points for role-playing and there will be a way to award each other. If slow seems too slow, we can change to medium.
  • Races and Classes most of the standards are allowed along with several new ones. See Character Creation Rules for details.


Traits are minor perks that can be selected to help tie your character into the backstory. Every character gets two, one of which must be one of these Campaign Traits. The second trait can be from any of the sources listed on the Traits page. Your DM can help you create new traits to fit your character if needed.

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Wyrm Rhyme Saga

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