Hero Points

Hero Point Awards

The basic rules for hero points are here..

Earning Hero Points

Hero points can be awarded for a variety of in and out of game things.

Starting Characters
All characters start with 1 hero point.
Gaining a Level
When a character earns a level, he will immediately gain a hero point. This happens, even if the other benefits of leveling up need to be delayed because of an ongoing adventure.
Great Role Playing
Roleplaying your character, particularly things that work against your character will earn a hero point.
Other Contributions
Other contributions to the game, a good plan, solving a difficult puzzle, etc. will earn hero points.

Tracking Hero Points

I don’t think the paper clips were an effective tracking mechanism last time. This time, i think that we will use colored glass stones. Each player will have their own color stones, so I can just collect them all and the end of each session and we can easily know how many each person had.

Hero Point Limits

The limit of 3 hero points at a time will be in force. I believe that not enforcing this limit was responsible for many of the problems I saw with hero points in other games.

Feats, Items and Magic

All of the optional feats, magic items, and spell that manipulate hero points will be available at the start of the campaign. If we see issues with any of these then we can change this mid games. I would not build a character concept around some specific hero point mechanic.

Hero Points

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