Experience Points

Experience Point Tracking Sheet


As indicated on the Character Creation Rules page, we will be using the slow advancement track initially. Please note, that I intend to award more experience points for things, and the players will have a way to reward each other with experience points.

Switching Advancement Tracks

If we find that the slow track is too slow, then we can switch to one of the faster tracks. If this happens the characters will their level and progress towards the next level when we switch. So, if you have 18,500 xp (halfway to 5th level) on the slow track, you would have 12,000 if we switched to the medium track. That is still half way towards 5th level. With this method, while you may technically lose experience points, you will remain exactly on target for character advancement.

Earning Experience Points

There are several ways to earn experience points during the game.

Defeating Opponents
In D&D tradition you get experience points for slaying your enemies. However, you also get full experience for defeating them in any other way. Negotiation, trickery, stealth are all options. This experience is divided equally amongst the party, with NPC’s who are with get party getting a half-share.
Group Story Awards
The group will get experience for advancing major plot lines that affect the group. This experience is divided amongst the group, NPC’s do not get any.
Individual Story Awards
An individual character can get an award for advancing their own story arc. This award is not shared.
Role Playing
Experience of up to 10% toward the next level can be awarded for good role playing during a session. A specific example of great role-playing may also be rewarded with a hero point.
Party Awards
Each session will start with a cup with 5 colored stones in it. The stones will be distinct from those used to track Hero Points. At any point during the session, the players may choose to award one of the stones to another player. This award can be for any reason, though awarding one stone to each player because you can will cause scowls from the GM. Each stone is worth 5% of the experience points necessary for the next level.
Specific Things
The following specific actions will also earn experience points.
Action Award
Character background in the wiki before the first session 500 xp and 1 hero point
Accepting the session invitation 100 xp
Forum participation 100 xp/post
Adventure Log Post (even just bulled points) 2.5%
Other wiki contributions up to 5%
Creation of a prop, costume piece, music, etc. that fits the game or your character up to 5%
Painting a miniature of your character 2.5%
Other things Suggestions

Tracking Experience Points

This page will contain a summary of each character’s experience total and targets for the next level. It will also have a link to a Google Spreadsheet which will have a detailed breakdown of how experience was calculated for each session. These totals will also be tracked in Hero Lab and thus on your character sheets.

Experience Points

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