Wyrm Rhyme Saga

Are the monsters coming?

Looking outside, there is slush!  Meaning breakup is near.
guillel take to her boss (dakkon Waranvil). And tells him she found the mithril in the caves.  Not much details was given.  He said “Good Job” to Gilel!

Scyla is at Jarl’s place training her bears.
Caius is not doing anything. He needs to sell the royal jelly to get more money to be able to do more.

Best bet to selling the royal jelly is to sell to Breggan Kinds. Not a good idea, it seems.

At the tavern drinking. Gillel is drunk and wants more!  while trying to get the ale accidentally bumps the Tara cards off the hands of Takaria.  The cards are interesting, thinks Astrid.

A week goes by, Scyla is training her bears. On e of the polar bears is able to 
at the end of the week Gilel has a rough shape of the two daggers.  gilele hides the daggers so no one knows of her project and progress.

Break up is late and people in town are running low in money. They are selling to Breggan Kind to get some easy cash to tied them over until breakup.

By the end of the week the ice is cracking and grass is been seeing.

Tangoo are heading south, Kaven was watching them.  As Kaven follows them, he finds they turned around and meet him on the way back.m With a high bluff role he continues and the tangoon keep walking.  Kaven looks and finds a copper wire. He keeps digging and it gets cold and he starts walking back.
back at the tavern Kaven shares the news and, with 20+ roll, Astrid figures that they were communicating with a sending spell.

Scyla comes to the tavern telling us about the tax that has to go to the King ( Ingimundr the Unruly).  He is saying to make sure he sends the boat to raid or get a 40K tax rate.
Scyla goes out to talk to dad.  She smells dead and a figure a few yards always falls. She gets ready with an ax. At that point the ice breaks loudly and everyone sheers.  the figure comes to attack Scylla.  all come out sheering. we all come out of the tavern and spot Scyla fighting.

This guy has fungus growing all over and a ceramic masks on his face. we all go and help her out. The mask I
Has real teeth embedded .  The rune in the forehead represents one of the daemon lord, says Caius. It is a fungal daemon. The dead thing has no teeth. is it the cobalt’s doing?
Scyla wil track where it came and we set the body on fire.
At the bog we found where this thing came from.  There was necromancy involved and we found a funnel. Presumably, the person was buried alive with a funnel to breath. Cisvasog (spalling?) follower who may have had done it.
The party went back to talk to the yarl.  We filled him in and talked about the letter Scylla read. The yarl told us he would talk to Bregan and try to buy the boat back. Or try to make profit enough to pay the king.
we head to bed. Astrid and Rothshield escort Scyla home.  They keep walking and Astrid is worried of not making enough progres. Rothshield tells her to be patient. 
the next morning Scyla goes with dad To see Brennan.  The Yarl talks to him trying to get the boat back.
yarl suggest to buying the boat for raiding and the profits could be use to buy himself a good trading vessel. he asks for 25k gold ( which is 10k more than what he pays for).  Which Scyla calls him for it. 
He needs the money and is not stopped by Scyla’s argument.  
The Yarl says: Don’t mistake your wealth for power. You known the town needs the boat. Methinks about it. I’ll be back tomorrow to figure out how we can both make a profit of it.m

At the tavern we are invited out to watch the aurora, by Astrid.  the purple and blue are missing. Astrid is a guard of the aurora. The colors signify ancestors. As it drains it takes always their ansestors. Something has found the way to steal the ansestors. each clan guards a color. This missing colors are Astrids ancestors.  Rothshield is an ansestors.  Astrids ansestors doubt they can solve the problem.  she is asking our help to solve this problem. This has not happened before and the other clans can not help.
Astrid has heard rumors as to someone that can help. Astrid is one of the few of the clan left to solve this problem. Astrid is a night born hyper borian.  Astrid is seaking a dark witch from the south with too many runes.  Based on this info, Ticaria  - Cavin’s sister-  seems to be the witch we are looking for.

We talk to Ticaria, she reads cards.  states that people in town are blaming Kaius for the undead stuff.
Tacarias scarf has blades weaved into it for protection. She says that Desna teaches that the aurora comes from the intersection of the aurora, void, and first world. she recommends to talk to someone else.  Astrid asks if there is someone else. There is no one. Tacaria has a scroll to allow to commune with a being from the first world.  

Ina circle of standing stones off a small island they could cast the commune spell.  Upon seeing the mask she dropped it and broke saying this is the simple ofnThig the thug- daemons of fungus, for Rustin and parasites.  She was freaked out.  She recognized the symbols on the mask.

next morning we would get a boat and go to this island.  Before that some protection. Need cold iron dust, which Gilel will provide.
we set out to the island. Ticaria mixes the chicken blood with the iron dust. Spread around the stone ring.  Astrid goes into the other world.  she almost goes out of the ring a he offering of the first creatures. then she sees a windago, he asks for a price. Astrid offers a ring and he accepts.  He says: an ancient evil awakens and draws energy from the first world, the void and her ancestors .  his name is unknown. The being draws power through the believe of worshipers. The worshipers are scattered around the world. This entity wAnts life power adoration. it is coming now because much ancient magic is drawn to our world. The more followers the faster it will come. This being predates the founding of the world. it may be a god.  it is as ancient as the gods. it wants the energy from Astrids ancestors, not the aurora. Helping stop this being will take one from Astrids world to stop him. 

When we returned Astrid and Scylla went to see the Yarl,Tecaria, and found him and the bears on the floor. Bells are ringing…..

The Mighty Heeling Polar Bears
As the first rays of sunlight burst through the clouds hitting the ground at a speed fast as light, Scyla and Dragen finally left the tower in search of a good place to start their training. As the two companions reach their final destination Skyla been having dragen on her leash because she would wander off unless she started teaching her the heel command. at first because it was the first day scyla did not expect much of Dragen but as the day went on Scyla discovered that dragen was a very good at following her commands. The polar bear was a quick learner and quickly caught on to the fact that he was supposed to follow her command wherever she pleased and wherever she wanted her to go. The day passed on quickly as Scyla and Dragen trained hard to learn how to stay together and heel. As the days and weeks passed Dragen followed Scyla around whatever she decided, he would follow her whether it was dangerous or not, he knew her very well. As the sun was seeping behind the clouds on the last day of Scyla and dragens training dragen followed Skyla around in his final test, she loved being with her and training with her into go combat. Early on next sunrise skyla woke up vieslik her other polar bear to start his training how to heel and stay with her.vies link was the smaller of the two polar bears and not a very fast learner, but he still fought on to the idea
Evil ghosts, large bees, and a hole in the wall

December 2012- Adventure

Last session clarifications and notes

Alfredo the goat and 2 other goats were missing.  WE FOLLOW THE TRAIL TO the goat.  there away a spell around the whole.  the next day we followed the trait and the remains of the polar bears.  scylla kept the baby bears.  we found cobalt tracks   They live under the bog. 

discuss the findings with the Yarl.
The cobolts are cowards.  The trick w the walrus was to make the fighters get out of the way so they could steal the goats. 
harroow adding happened. 

Today’s Notes
It is darkening, mid morning!  Gilel is going to her shop and try to work
rest of the party will go to the keep to present the findings to the king
it’s a small castle- Monty Pithon style
Yarl is reading as Scyla (and the polar bear), Astrid, and Caius enter the keep.  Cyla explains the walrus incident. 
The king thanks Calus for his expertise and service.
Astrid’s people usually trade  with us but is here early.  King thanks for the assistance.
King suggest tomscyla to check the vairki camp for attacks to their camp by the cobolts.
Caius accepted to work for Yarl paid as captain of the guard.

Kaven went to the tavern- he sees Bregan Kinds with the widow (captain that just died). He is offering a bag of $ to the lady. Kaven spilled stuff over the papers and the rich man yelled at him. The deal went through. And the rich man left the tavern.  
Smithy-I guessed the weapon to be made are daggers.
Special materials we need to find: Mithril, claws from a powerful hunter,- takes the pray down like a dagger, special wax- from giant bees or tallons of a giant ram, and honing the edge will be done w charcoal of virgin hemlock.
Start working the mithril to learn how to work w it get the other materials before actually making the dagger.
Cobolts are usually from the south. This is the first time they have been seen in this area.
Later we all gather at the tavern,
Tangoos were sitting at the table while the buying of the boat went on. They came in at the same time as Caius. 
Gilel asked for 2 meals and intends to go see the captain’s wife.. She wants to find out what the deal with the boat sale was.  The captain’s wife told of selling the boat and planning to leave to the south.  I let my boss know that I will go help w the cobolt issue w the intention to get the materials needed to make my daggers.

Caius and Scyla join the tangoon. They r here looking for new trade routs. The older Tangoon is a spell caster of some kind. this 2 raven look like predator quality.

Scyla knows of  giant bees in the south ( the gap of krooda- Tun a = apprentice in thaselonian) bend of the area. The bees may be overwintering in the caves.  along the hills there are some evergreen shrubs-w hemlock.

Heading out to Astrid’s settlement near the waters edge.
Astrid summoned Rothscyld , an idalong- biped humanoid ( awesomeness with legs).
Traveling in snowshoes. 
Made it to camp uneventfuly.
The hut was toppled on the snow. Legs are broken. 2 huts. And the storage house the doors has been busted inwards. With a 19! Roll Scylla sees cobalt tracks. The guess is the tracks are 2 weeks old. There was a spiked board triggered by a rock falling and Kaven was impaled and healed by Gilel. The hut had sacks in it , and they look like something slept on them.
The 2 other huts with busted doors, one had 2 dead frozen cobolts in them. Gilel stepped on a human type fey sized skull. Kaven saw a flicker of something moving in the hut. we believe is a fey. There a second shadow walking through the front of the hut. A second shadow, smaller, toward the back of the hut.
The 2 shadows attacked Gilel and she falls on her knees. (-9 to strength). We are under attack by shadow  creatures. The feys used the cobalt bodies to form this dark shadows that are attacking us.
After Calius killed all of the shadows we settled for the night in the unused hut and shared stories.
Astrid and Gilel and astride familial were hurt
It took a few days to recover. Scylel hunted caribou. The little fey came by and took care of the caribou meat and bury the dead fey.
We walked uneventfully to the cave and found the 5’ tall bee. Caves. main came up with the idea of smoke bombs to scare the bees.  The bees tturned out to be hibernating and Caius got the bees wax.
we went in to get the royal jelly ($100/lb). As Scyla enchants the queen bee Calius cuts through the honey comb and finds a walk thru with an invisible majic door.

The Card Reading Notes

Harrow spread notesHere is what I have for our reading. The colors indicate powerful cards (cards that showed up in the individual reading and cards in their native alignment).

Harrow Reading
The Future is Foretold In Cards

I need somebody who took notes to transcribe them here. If others could check that this is accurate, that would be appreciated.

The Choosing

  • Scylea: The Wax Works (appeared in the CG spot in the spread)
  • Gilel: The Teamster
  • Astrid: The Trumpet (???) (appeared in the LN position in the spread)
  • Caius: The Desert (???)
  • Kavin: The Survivor (???)

The Spread

First harrow spread lo res

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