Jarl Korwin Losendahl

Effective Leader with an Unknown Past


The Jarl was given a charter to start Reykholt as a colony in Icemark by King Ingimundr the Unruly 23 years ago. Many in town believe that he was forced out, but there is only wild speculation as to why.

Since that time he has effectively led Reykholt. In the early years, there were many attacks from goblins from the South and giants from the North. Solid leadership, and improved defenses, have forced these monsters to seek easier prey elsewhere. Now, Siggeir largely oversees trade with the Varki and shipments of iron back to Broken Bay.

His children are his real focus now, and he hopes that they can get out of the desolate place and win a proper Ulfen place in this world.

Jarl Korwin Losendahl

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