Helga Frostmane

The Mushroom Lady


Helga isn’t old, but the years have not treated her well. Her husband was the great Erik Frostmane, a hunter and warrior of great renown. Stories are still told around the inn fire of his bravery and exploits.

Erik and his son disappeared while hunting a couple of years ago, and Helga hasn’t been the same sense.

Always a skilled herbalist, Helga began growing mushrooms and selling them to make money to survive. She sells a variety of mushrooms to the inn for use in cooking and has she sells a healing paste that heals 1d3+1 points of damage (5 gp).

Helga, grows many of her mushrooms inside during the winter. Very few people visit her these days because of the smell. However, she is a valuable member of the community and visits the Green Dragon Inn on a regular basis.

Helga Frostmane

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