Gilel Copperthumb

Cantankerous, dwarven of magnificent skills as a smith.


Dwarf Oracle (Torag/Metal)

  • Hero Points: 2
  • Experience Points: 0
  • Repuation Points: 0

My name is Gilel Copperthumb.

My mother brought me here as a child running away from our homeland, the 5 Kings Mountains. It was a hurried and embarrassing time. We traveled far, very far.

Reykholt was nothing but a bog in the harsh cold weather. We worked hard getting the bog iron out of the land, and working that iron into weapons and tools. That is when I knew I could survive. I am good, no, I am very good working with iron. Thanks to Torag who favors me. I am not sure when I met Dakkon War-anvil, my boss. He treats me well. I am able to work on what I am good at, it is my passion — smithing. I like to incorporate some art into my work, precious stones, ivory or any other naturally occurring material. This attracts all kinds of customers and makes Dakkon happy. Of corse the work is loud and keeps all the annoying people out of my way.

As a faithful follower of Torag, my hidden symbol is a badger. Torag and his faithful hold creatures of the earth as mighty and holy, especially burrowing animals like badgers.
B adger logo This is my inspiration for which I created the logo.The badger is wearing an apron and a forging hammer hanging from its neck.

Times are changing and the people who used to come and go now are staying. What a pain! They are stupid and irritating. It would be really nice if they all go away and come only when the weather is nice and there is some trade to make.

Short and stout is my build. What else would you expect? I am a dwarf and proud of it! My brown eyes come from my mother’s side. My dark brown hair, almost red when the sun hits it right, comes from my father’s side. My hair is always braided and out of the way from my anvil.

Gilel Copperthumb

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