Astrid Istjerne

A lone traveler seeking an answer and restoration.


Hyperborean (Nightborn) Summoner

  • Hero Points: 1
  • Experience Points: 100
  • Reputation Points: 4

Astrid, a Nightborn Hyperborean born of the Varki, arrives unaccompanied in Reykholt,seemingly without purpose or business. She keeps to herself in large measure and interacts minimally with the locals. Her race is kept under wraps by serious layers of native clothing as well as minimal exposure of her face, even in indoor settings, giving her an air of aloof indifference. She arrived in Reykholt with only what she could carry, but it is clear from her clothing that her tribe is successful, given the quality of the caribou skins & leathers as well as the metalwork detail and finishing.

Astrid Istjerne

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