Wyrm Rhyme Saga

The Mighty Heeling Polar Bears

As the first rays of sunlight burst through the clouds hitting the ground at a speed fast as light, Scyla and Dragen finally left the tower in search of a good place to start their training. As the two companions reach their final destination Skyla been having dragen on her leash because she would wander off unless she started teaching her the heel command. at first because it was the first day scyla did not expect much of Dragen but as the day went on Scyla discovered that dragen was a very good at following her commands. The polar bear was a quick learner and quickly caught on to the fact that he was supposed to follow her command wherever she pleased and wherever she wanted her to go. The day passed on quickly as Scyla and Dragen trained hard to learn how to stay together and heel. As the days and weeks passed Dragen followed Scyla around whatever she decided, he would follow her whether it was dangerous or not, he knew her very well. As the sun was seeping behind the clouds on the last day of Scyla and dragens training dragen followed Skyla around in his final test, she loved being with her and training with her into go combat. Early on next sunrise skyla woke up vieslik her other polar bear to start his training how to heel and stay with her.vies link was the smaller of the two polar bears and not a very fast learner, but he still fought on to the idea


Shammond42 Goldenschnauzer

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