Wyrm Rhyme Saga

Harrow Reading

The Future is Foretold In Cards

I need somebody who took notes to transcribe them here. If others could check that this is accurate, that would be appreciated.

The Choosing

  • Scylea: The Wax Works (appeared in the CG spot in the spread)
  • Gilel: The Teamster
  • Astrid: The Trumpet (???) (appeared in the LN position in the spread)
  • Caius: The Desert (???)
  • Kavin: The Survivor (???)

The Spread

First harrow spread lo res


Last game we were at the tavern and Scilea informed us of the big walrus on the ice. It was too big to hunt alone. we offered to help hunt it first thing the next day. A friend captain decided to capture the Walrus on his own, much money to be made if he was successful. We found tracks, followed them and found the dead captain and the Walrus. The tusks are valuable and the meat was needed in this terribly cold and dreadful place. Someone took the walrus (can not remember who did), Gilel will use the tusks in her shop. The party discovered a hole on the ice with a fish swimming around. It was a weird situation because the thermal transmission was warm and it just swam in circles. It turns out to be attached to a pole(?) an a string. It was a way to keep the hole in the ice open (as an entry/exit point). We killed the fish while trying to understand what was it all about and the ice quickly froze.
In the mean time we followed footprints that lead us to a coastal area where a cart was on its side. We found an entry to an underwater passage. We thought the entities that attacked us earlier went to and from this point. We decided to burn it (after much discussion) so this things would not come out and get us by surprise. We suspect there are more of these entry/exit holes but …they will not come in /out of this one.

Harrow Reading
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