Wyrm Rhyme Saga

Evil ghosts, large bees, and a hole in the wall

December 2012- Adventure

Last session clarifications and notes

Alfredo the goat and 2 other goats were missing.  WE FOLLOW THE TRAIL TO the goat.  there away a spell around the whole.  the next day we followed the trait and the remains of the polar bears.  scylla kept the baby bears.  we found cobalt tracks   They live under the bog. 

discuss the findings with the Yarl.
The cobolts are cowards.  The trick w the walrus was to make the fighters get out of the way so they could steal the goats. 
harroow adding happened. 

Today’s Notes
It is darkening, mid morning!  Gilel is going to her shop and try to work
rest of the party will go to the keep to present the findings to the king
it’s a small castle- Monty Pithon style
Yarl is reading as Scyla (and the polar bear), Astrid, and Caius enter the keep.  Cyla explains the walrus incident. 
The king thanks Calus for his expertise and service.
Astrid’s people usually trade  with us but is here early.  King thanks for the assistance.
King suggest tomscyla to check the vairki camp for attacks to their camp by the cobolts.
Caius accepted to work for Yarl paid as captain of the guard.

Kaven went to the tavern- he sees Bregan Kinds with the widow (captain that just died). He is offering a bag of $ to the lady. Kaven spilled stuff over the papers and the rich man yelled at him. The deal went through. And the rich man left the tavern.  
Smithy-I guessed the weapon to be made are daggers.
Special materials we need to find: Mithril, claws from a powerful hunter,- takes the pray down like a dagger, special wax- from giant bees or tallons of a giant ram, and honing the edge will be done w charcoal of virgin hemlock.
Start working the mithril to learn how to work w it get the other materials before actually making the dagger.
Cobolts are usually from the south. This is the first time they have been seen in this area.
Later we all gather at the tavern,
Tangoos were sitting at the table while the buying of the boat went on. They came in at the same time as Caius. 
Gilel asked for 2 meals and intends to go see the captain’s wife.. She wants to find out what the deal with the boat sale was.  The captain’s wife told of selling the boat and planning to leave to the south.  I let my boss know that I will go help w the cobolt issue w the intention to get the materials needed to make my daggers.

Caius and Scyla join the tangoon. They r here looking for new trade routs. The older Tangoon is a spell caster of some kind. this 2 raven look like predator quality.

Scyla knows of  giant bees in the south ( the gap of krooda- Tun a = apprentice in thaselonian) bend of the area. The bees may be overwintering in the caves.  along the hills there are some evergreen shrubs-w hemlock.

Heading out to Astrid’s settlement near the waters edge.
Astrid summoned Rothscyld , an idalong- biped humanoid ( awesomeness with legs).
Traveling in snowshoes. 
Made it to camp uneventfuly.
The hut was toppled on the snow. Legs are broken. 2 huts. And the storage house the doors has been busted inwards. With a 19! Roll Scylla sees cobalt tracks. The guess is the tracks are 2 weeks old. There was a spiked board triggered by a rock falling and Kaven was impaled and healed by Gilel. The hut had sacks in it , and they look like something slept on them.
The 2 other huts with busted doors, one had 2 dead frozen cobolts in them. Gilel stepped on a human type fey sized skull. Kaven saw a flicker of something moving in the hut. we believe is a fey. There a second shadow walking through the front of the hut. A second shadow, smaller, toward the back of the hut.
The 2 shadows attacked Gilel and she falls on her knees. (-9 to strength). We are under attack by shadow  creatures. The feys used the cobalt bodies to form this dark shadows that are attacking us.
After Calius killed all of the shadows we settled for the night in the unused hut and shared stories.
Astrid and Gilel and astride familial were hurt
It took a few days to recover. Scylel hunted caribou. The little fey came by and took care of the caribou meat and bury the dead fey.
We walked uneventfully to the cave and found the 5’ tall bee. Caves. main came up with the idea of smoke bombs to scare the bees.  The bees tturned out to be hibernating and Caius got the bees wax.
we went in to get the royal jelly ($100/lb). As Scyla enchants the queen bee Calius cuts through the honey comb and finds a walk thru with an invisible majic door.


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